Bulls Island Ferry, Charters and Kayaking

Sunday, September 13
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Bulls Island is not for everyone.

But if you like birding, hiking, beach combing,
unmatched naturalist-guided tours through the estuary,
the chance to get away from the harried mainland,
bald eagles, alligators, bobcats, dolphins and otters,
all within South Carolina's only Class 1 Wilderness Area

Well, then Bulls Island might just be for you.


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"Shrouded in oak, palmetto, magnolia and pine and populated by a staggering variety of creatures both local and migratory, this increasingly threatened stretch of oceanfront wilderness is considered the jewel of the 66,000-acre Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge."

-New York Times

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Charleston's wilderness, just 20 minutes north of the city

BIRDS:  293 migratory and resident species catagorized annually
LOGGERHEAD SEA TURTLES:  The most significant nesting site north of Florida
AMERICAN ALLIGATORS:  One of the densest populations north of the Everglades
PRISTINE SHORELINE:  Bulls Island is part of the longest stretch of undeveloped shoreline on the eastern seaboard
HIKING TRAILS:  Over 16 miles of maintained trails and roads intersect the 5000-acre island
BONEYARD BEACH: Over one mile of shoreline is adorned with the skeletonized remains of oaks and cedars

Bulls Island is for wildlife.  And for you.

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Looking For a
Private Guide
or a Special Trip?

Give us a call and our captains and naturalist guides will customize a trip for your group into the refuge.  Whether your focus is birding, beach combing or an in-depth island experience, a Coastal Expeditions boat charter can make your experience special.

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Coastal Expeditions operates under contract into Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge,
under the leadership and guidance of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to provide public access to the refuge.