June 2013
Ramble On
If you live in the Lowcountry and have never been to a boneyard beach, put Bulls Island at the very top of your day-trip itinerary. Seeing a forest overtaken by the ocean, with scraggly, fossil-like trees “growing” like ghosts from the sand immediately connects you with both the impermanent nature of our barrier islands and their potential beauty when left to natural processes. And Bulls Island certainly belongs to nature—bring your bug spray, sunscreen, and a mountain bike to fully explore the island’s 16 miles of grassy roads and trails. Read More
March 2013
South Carolina's Hammock Coast:  Best Detour
Bulls Island, a 30- to 40-minute ferry ride from the mainland, offers 7 miles of wild beach and complete solitude. Read More
July 2012
An Overnight Stay on Bulls Island
Boneyard Beach, the Martello tower and the wildlife of Bull’s Island.

These attractions and more are why the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge is allowing the public to spend a weekend in the Dominick House at the center of Bull’s Island, an opportunity that hasn’t been allowed since 1969. Read More

February 2012
Charleston's 50 Most Progressive:  Chris Crolley
Captain Chris Crolley hunches his shoulders and slinks down the trail imitating the gait of a raccoon.  He's explaining the tracks he just spotted in the sand.  Tracks that belong, judging by his description, to a real life Rodent of Unusual Size, right here in the wilderness of Bulls Island.  Read More
September 2007
An Island Wilderness and Alligator Kingdom in South Carolina
The bull alligator, nine feet long, sat utterly still, blocking the narrow road across a sand causeway known as Alligator Alley. If this grinning reptile chose not to move, the small band of explorers would have to find another route to the beach. But as they slowly pedaled their bikes to within around 50 yards, it suddenly exploded off the road and into the black waters of the adjacent pond — a place filled with the gleaming eyes of scores of his cousins.  Read More

October 2005

Cape Romain NWR Delights Visitors with Abundant Animal Life and Natural Wonders
Sure, pirates' treasure chests could be buried on one of South Carolina's barrier islands. But they would hold mere trinkets compared to the rich natural beauty of Bulls Island. One of three islands within the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, this area is part of 64,000 acres of pristine scenery between Charleston and Myrtle Beach. Read More

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